Suqqu Clay Purifying Scrub Review

SUQQU-A premium Japanese beauty brand has launched a silky scrub for mature skin that does not peel off the skin, but provides moisture.

This black silky gel has a fresh and plump cushioning gel formula. The gel is made of clay (adhesive ingredient), charcoal (cleansing ingredient), scrub particles and moisturizing ingredients-very comfortable and means a whole new scrub experience.

The frosting particles are made of crystalline cellulose core derived from plant fibers, which are completely different from plastic bead-type frosting particles. They gradually decompose (“crush”) into smaller particles when used, which means that even friction can reduce the pressure on the skin.

I was initially worried because adding clay to the physical exfoliator might sound like an overuse. However, I was surprised to find that this scrub is actually milder than it looks.

SUQQU uses Moroccan lava clay to absorb excess sebum and dirt on the skin. The scrub particles are made of a plant-based crystalline cellulose core. Although it feels rough at first, it is actually somewhat elastic and breaks down into smaller particles during massage. This allows the scrub to target a larger surface area and smaller pores and cracks on the face.

The mixture of vegetable oil and hyaluronic acid leaves a thin layer of moisture on my skin after rinsing, which makes it completely non-irritating to sensitive skin!

I like it I like it! If so, which facial scrub do you like best?




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