Suqqu Comfort Melt Cleansing Cream Review

Suqqu Comfort Melt Cleansing Cream is a typical cream-based cleanser that uses emollients to dissolve makeup and impurities. It is quite malleable, does not drag the skin, and has the same oriental orchid scent.

Because my skin is dry to combination skin, most cleansing oils will dry out my skin. I have been using Comfort Melt Cleansing Cream and I like its gentle way of removing makeup, but I am always looking for a makeup remover that is more suitable for my skin.

It can be wiped off or rinsed off. After rinsing, it will leave some oily residue on the skin, which is not attractive to people with combination or oily skin.

It has a light scent that I like very much, and it spreads and smooths easily around the skin. I spend time in the evening massaging it on my skin to remove all the makeup, and it is very effective; it can remove all my makeup and mascara, leaving my skin feeling clean but not shedding or tight.

I recommend you! Have you tried?




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