Suqqu Designing Massage Cream Review

This releases a facial massage cream SUQQU: Designing Massage Cream, a new product that is better than before.

It is silky smooth and very full-bodied. This aggravated massage will not pull back and cause tanning pressure. It also contains extracts that help nourish the skin. Can also be used as a mask.

The texture is very smooth. It has a floral fragrance. I am not sure if we are wrong. But it feels more refreshing than I remembered. When the cream is continuously massaged, the white cream that looks opaque will gradually melt into a non-sagging or runny oil. The dosage for each facial massage is about the size of a grape. Spread evenly on clean and dry face.

After the massage, I felt my face was slightly swollen. I feel that the overall swelling of the face has improved and the overall skin tone feels brighter because it stimulates the circulation under the skin. We feel that we are doing something to make ourselves feel good. This is good for the heart during the slow time of staying at home.

All in all, SUQQU: The new Designing Massage Cream has improved the structure of the cream and is blended with an oil-based mixture that can penetrate the skin. Finally recommend it!


  • $67.00/100g
  • $106.00/200g


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