Suqqu Enrich Forming Wash Review

Suqqu Enrich Foaming Wash is different from any foam I have tried. It comes in a white box and I immediately fell in love with the simple white with white packaging.

It is very clean and basic, making statements in a completely different way. Like simple packaging, foam is equally easy to use. Take about 1cm in the palm of the palm, foam on the face, and then remove it with water. The squeeze tube packaging and the attached cap are both hygienic and practical.

I used Daiso Foaming Net to foam the cleanser, and the foam was quite sufficient. It is creamy, good, and feels good on the skin.

Most Japanese foaming cleansers are “face wash” and will not remove all cosmetics, and this cleanser is the same. So you must use it after using makeup remover. This facial cleanser leaves my skin very refreshed and clean, but not dry. It does not irritate my skin.

In my opinion, this cleanser is very good in spring and summer, but it may be a bit too dry in winter. I found this very “basic” facial cleanser and I think it is very good.

People with dry skin might like the texture of this foam, and it might feel more moisturizing and moisturizing than me. However, it is not suitable for people with sensitive skin, I will avoid contact with eyes.




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