Suqqu Light Solution Fluid Review

SUQQU’s Light Solution Fluid is an ultra-rich cream that protects, retains moisture and improves skin texture to enhance hydration, elasticity and softness.

From a Japanese beauty brand, inspired by the concept that self-confidence and health complement each other, this non-greasy liquid wraps the skin in a layer of moisture while supporting the natural barrier function to improve moisturizing ability. More importantly, it can protect from UV damage and reduce inflammation, promoting freshness.

A smooth emulsion that forms a layer of gauze to retain and seal moisture, giving a silky, velvety effect. The product also contains ingredients called “occlusions”. They help reduce the rate at which our skin loses moisture due to the external environment. These ingredients also help soften the upper layers of the skin, so it feels less tight and feels better to the touch.

These ingredients help to absorb water. When moisturizers are on the surface of the skin, they “absorb” moisture from the external environment or deep layers of the skin.

Finally, I highly recommend it~




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