Suqqu Light Solution Lotion Review

The first product in the set is Suqqu Light Solution Lotion, which is a fast-absorbing lotion.

Thick and refreshing, it is very comfortable to use. I am a little worried about the feeling of the film after use. Although the lotion uses a fragrance, it contains ingredients that seem to be relatively mild to the skin. It does not use parabens and is also very attractive.

The lotion uses a synthetic polymer called simethicone, so be careful if you have sensitive skin.

A fresh, plant-rich lotion designed to enhance the efficacy of Light Solution and give people the impression of natural radiance.

The face is not greasy and helps the skin retain moisture for a long time. The dazzling light makes the skin look plumper and firmer, and slows down signs of aging. It is easy to use. Just apply 2-3 pumps of milk hydraulically on a cotton pad and apply from the center of the face outwards.

I think you will like it!




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