Suqqu Moisture Hydro Lotion Review

I have a sample from Suqqu: Suqqu Moisture Hydro Lotion.

The fragrance is a very SUQQU skin care product, I like it very much. The design of the bottle is very simple and simple and looks very stylish. It also has a very smooth shape because its front and back are rounded, but the sides are flat, all of which make it a gorgeous packaging. It is actually one of the most beautiful packaging I have seen so far.

I remember that I felt a bit tingling in the previous formula, but in this formula, my skin condition is better but not very good, and there is no irritation.

When applied on the skin, there is no greasy feeling. Massage gently with your hands. Instead, it is absorbed very quickly by the skin. It has a moisturizing feeling and a light floral scent. It smells particularly good. The effect is very good, after using it can make the skin white and tender.

Afterwards, my skin was very moisturized and I was very satisfied, but in fact I have no important reason to switch to this SUQQU from other lotions that I have now. Not bad.




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