Suqqu Moisture Repair Essence N Review

This product is a booster, i.e. use it before your lotion. Apply cream or something after washing the lotion.

As a pre-emulsion essence, the moisture repair essence aims to restore muscle function; soften every layer of skin by using the energy produced by muscles. The easily absorbed mixture is deeply nourished by active ingredients that promote skin metabolism and restore luster.

The shape of the bottle has not changed, but the color of the bottle in this formula is not white but pink.

I don’t remember the previous formula, but I described it as having no tingling sensation and good moisturizing effect. At these points, there is no difference.

The fragrance is really a noble and faint cool floral fragrance, very SUQQU fragrance. I like it very much.

After that, I felt my skin became softer and softer. OK? Some people might say “tight”.




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