Suqqu Treatment Liquid Wash Review

SUQQU Treatment Liquid Wash, a facial cleanser.

This is a facial cleanser, but it does not foam.

Just place it on the palm of your hand and apply it on your face with your hand. If you want to wipe, you can wipe it with cotton or paper towels. If you want to rinse, you can rinse with water.

I use it on my face, the texture is light and moisturizing. I rinsed with mild water and I found no slippery factor. There is no difference between using a mild facial cleanser and this one. When I just “wash my face” with water, my face is a little greasy, but there is nothing.

This luxurious and elegant cleanser,

It is a new alternative to clean and protect sensitive skin. Provides more effects than cleansing the skin. The product is concentrated like an essence.

Provide the pleasure of washing your face. It can remove dirt, nourish the skin and keep the skin’s maximum moisture for a long time

This is super unique.




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