Suqqu Vialume The Cream Review

This cream is heavenly! In addition to SUQQU’s original VIALUME Complex, this cream also contains mountain ginger leaf extract to provide elasticity and moisture.

The texture is very smooth and silky. Super elegant and light yet exquisite and rich! This cream is a blend of various oils, which instantly melts into a smooth liquid and absorbs effortlessly into my skin to seal in the previous step. My skin actually just absorbed it all. It feels absolutely nourishing and cocooning! In addition, using SUQQU Vialume Cream has a long way to go!

When applied on the face, the emulsified particles will decompose and melt the rich texture into a light, smooth liquid without leaving any sticky residue on the skin. I just like how my skin feels elastic, juicy and happy! My skin is so calm and glowing when I wake up the next morning.

The fragrance developed for the VIALUME series is an oriental fragrance that meets its highest-end reputation. The floral notes of rose and magnolia are superimposed with woody notes such as cedar wood and sandalwood, plus pink pepper. The mysterious fragrance makes people Indulge in it, full of happiness.

It exudes luxury, from impressive artistic packaging to elegant texture. I like it!




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