Suqqu Vialume The Lotion Review

This series uses SUQQU’s original VIALUME Complex, which is designed to create brilliance from the inside.

After Suqqu Vialume The Lotion is fully integrated into the skin, the lotion moisturizes the skin and gives the whole body a radiant glow. The oily nature of the formula allows it to fit closely to the skin without stickiness.

The rich oily lotion is easy to apply, feels super comfortable, and contains SUQQU’s original VIALUME complex for maximum radiance. The formula becomes loose when it penetrates the skin, absorbs effortlessly and provides long-lasting moisture.

It can be applied smoothly on the face to provide moisture.

If you haven’t tried it, I recommend you to try it! Although its price is a bit steep, it is worth it!




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