Suqqu Vialume The Serum is formulated to improve the skin and prepare it for maximum absorption of subsequent lotions and creams. It is a rich base essence that combines the ingredients of water and oil to give a luxurious texture.

I like how it gets absorbed easily and quickly, providing instant moisture to moisturize and plump the skin. The serum feels soothing and light without any stickiness.

Overall, the product focuses on the mechanism of anti-aging by reducing the destruction of collagen. It also promotes the production of new collagen and uses ingredients that focus on the production of hyaluronic acid and reduce deterioration.

It makes the skin plump, elastic and moisturized, including ingredients that reduce the yellowing of skin proteins. And ingredients that help to replenish moisture to the epidermis and retain moisture.

The texture of the essence is a clean white lotion, which has a light and refreshing feeling when applied. At the same time, the coating is very good, not heavy or greasy.

The fragrance developed for the VIALUME series is an oriental fragrance that meets its highest-end reputation. The floral notes of rose and magnolia are superimposed with woody notes such as cedar wood and sandalwood, plus pink pepper. The mysterious fragrance makes people Indulge in it, full of happiness.

Have you tried Suqqu Vialume? I recommend you to try it!




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